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Certification by the Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security

In the Netherlands, certification by the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security, the Dutch “NCTV”, is a requirement for operating at airports. As soon as the prospective detection dogs have completed the training course and are prepared for operational deployment, they are certified by the NCTV.

In order to obtain this certification, the team of permanent dog handler and detection dog passes an exam at the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. If the exam has been passed, the certification is awarded by the NCTV.

At Unit9 we also offer training for dog handlers and we test the quality of already certified detection dogs.

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Dog Facilitates training for professional
International Dog Institute


Before a dog is ready to be employed as a detection dog, extensive training is essential. Unit9 facilitates such dog training. Dogs of all ages come to us, from junior to senior. If it appears that the dog is suitable for participation in the training, an extensive training schedule starts. After completing the full training program, the detection dog is ready for operational deployment.

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Our K9 Trainers

Our team of dog trainers is made up of skilled, passionate dog handlers who have extensive operational experience and often a military background. The latter is of great value for learning to work with explosives detection dogs.

Our dog trainers have operational experiences in the Netherlands and abroad and therefore know better than anyone what will be asked of the detections dogs in operational situations.