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Detection dogs purchase & sale

Dogs are capable of extraordinary performance with their well-developed sense of smell. This does not mean that by definition all dogs are suitable for becoming a detection dog. Factors such as work drive and the eagerness to play have an important role and these characteristics are more developed in some breeds than in others.

Our detection dogs are deployed for searches by various organizations in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Which dog breeds do we mainly work with?

Basic factors in the selection of a potential detection dog the drive and work ethic. In addition, physique and resilience play an important role and health, temperament and social development are considered.

At Unit9 we work with different breed groups that score high on the required characteristics. These are breeds known for their will to work, which means greater suitability for detection dog training. We usually work with the following breed groups:

  • Breed group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs
  • Breed group 3: Terriers
  • Breed group 6: Running dogs and sweat dogs
  • Breed group 7: Pointing dogs
  • Breed group 8: Retrievers and water dogs

We work with various suppliers of untrained and unexperienced dogs, both from the Netherlands abroad. The dogs are selected one by one by our experienced dog trainers, who are also responsible for the training themselves.

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More information about the purchase and sale of detection dogs?

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